Our Mission Statement

Our goal at Porcupine Springs is to be the bottled water manufacturer of choice in the Timmins area by providing the best customer
service, the best product as well as ensuring that we remain a local source of water for the Timmins area.


Our company is a locally owned and family operated business. We strive to buy all of our products locally in an effort to contribute to the local economy. We believe in “giving back” to the local area by making donations to local events and charities. All of our products are 100% recyclable. Our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, as we only use environmentally sensitive products in our bottling process.

We are a small operation servicing the local and outlying communities of Timmins. We have regular deliveries to Matheson, Cochrane and Iroquois Falls.

We offer free local delivery with any of our products.

We encourage the use of 18 litre reusable containers as we do not want to contribute to the problem of empty water bottles ending up in our landfills or worse in our streets.